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Up Sit/Set Lie/Lay Rise/Raise


These are the principle parts of the verbs sit and set.  Notice :

Sit Changes to form the past tense
Infinitive Present Participle Past Past Participle
sit (to rest) sitting sat (have) sat


Set remains the same in the past and past participle.
Infinitive Present Participle Past Past Participle
set (to place setting set (have) set


You will not have trouble deciding whether to use a form of sit or a form of set if you remember the following:

Sit means "to rest in an upright, seated position" or "to be in a place.  It seldom has an object.

       Let's sit in the second row. (No direct object)

        The cat is sitting on the window sill. (No direct object)

        Mary sat beside Josh yesterday. (No direct object)

        She has sat beside him every day this week. (No direct object)


Set means "to put or place something" and usually has an object.
  1. Set the groceries on the counter. (What are you placing on the counter? Groceries is the object of the verb set.)
  2. Helen is setting her books on my desk. ( What is Mary placing on my desk?  Books is the object of the verb is setting.)
  3. John set his backpack in his locker this morning. (What did John set in his locker?  Backpack is the object of the past tense verb set.)
  4. They have set their notebooks in the wrong place. (What have they placed in the wrong place?  Notebooks is the object of the verb have set.)

        Right click on the following link and select "open in a new window."  This will allow you to practice using the principle parts of sit and set correctly and still leave this window open so you can refer back if needed.

Practice quiz


When you think you are ready take the a real quiz on using sit/set correctly, open the quiz session link below in a new window.

Your session name is    gram2sit/set  .   Be carefully you may only take this quiz once.