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Participles and Participial Phrases

A partciple is a verb form used as an adjective.
That means it will answer the adjective questions (Which one? or What kind?) about a  noun or pronoun.
There are two kinds of participles

            Present Participles end in   -ing.

          Past Participles end in -ed, -d, or -t


  1. Broken, the toy still ran. (The participle broken is used as an adjective describing the toy.  Ran is the verb of the sentence tell what the toy did.)
  2. The dripping facet annoyed Mary.  (What kind of facet?  Dripping is the participle describing the facet.)
  3. The ringing bells filled the air with sound.   (Which bells?  Ringing is the participle describing bells.)

Practice identifing participle.